Through the application of advanced, targeted massage techniques, massage can manage and support a range of canine mobility issues;

promoting optimal muscle function throughout your dog’s life and enhancing their performance, wellbeing and recovery.

When a dog changes its posture it is an indication that they are not comfortable or in pain, they then adjust the way they weight bear to protect the injured area, which then becomes weaker and the muscles begin to atrophy (waste away).  In time they will overuse or over work other parts of their body. This will then create painful muscular problems.

Pain from muscular conditions can cause stress which will have an effect on how the dog functions both physically and psychologically, often resulting in a complexity of symptoms. Muscle pain in dogs is often underestimated and sometimes difficult to diagnose and treat.

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Is your dog at its best?

Struggling to go up and down stairs

No longer able to jump onto furniture

Stiff after a walk or training

Needing to rest their head on something

No longer enjoying being groomed

Suffering hot spots

Unable to shake fluently from head to tail

Recovering from surgery

Unable to take certain pain medications

By treating secondary or compensatory issues, Canine Myotherapy can become part of an effective management programme for the following conditions:

Arthritis & Osteoarthritis

Hip dysplasia

Cruciate issues

Luxation of the patella

Elbow dysplasia


Osteochondritis Dissecans (OCD)

If your dog displays or has any of the above then contact me for an initial discussion.

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